dianne and daughters from quezon city now living and working in chicago

This lovely testimonial is from an EB-3 Filipino nurse who waited 8 years for her employment-based green card and is now in the US. Her first attorney retired but did not tell her.

“2015 was my most stressful year because my 2 daughters and I, thought that we could finally migrate to the US. We waited for this since 2008 when my case started. I’d already sent all the required documents to the NVC. Unfortunately our previous immigration lawyer did not advise us that the NVC required additional documents. He was not responding to my emails and I had no idea why. Then to my disappointment I learned that the retrogression took effect from one of my friends. Suddenly, I got depressed and was losing hope. I give in to the thought that America is not really for us. Until one day, I was browsing my Facebook account when I see Attorney Keir’s page and read it. At first I was skeptical, so I read more about her services on line and previous client testimonials. The first time I get connected with her I ask tons of questions to my satisfaction, until finally I decided to avail her assistance.

She was very honest and realistic about our case. She never promised anything but made sure she work hard on my case to put everything to proper places. We communicated completely through email which I know would sound unbelievable but I put my 100% trust in her. When I have queries/concerns, I usually received emails the following day after I emailed her, but usually whenever there’s an update from the NVC, she made sure I got it first-hand even without asking.

Clients should look for certified, competent and reliable immigration attorney and I highly recommend Ida, because she can deliver excellent services. Price is one of the many factors affecting one’s decision. Legal representation comes at a cost so it’s best to choose wisely and carefully. There’s always a price for everything, especially if we want a great result.

It’s a wise decision to be represented by an attorney rather than by yourself, it can save time, money, stress and most importantly the chance of approval is high.
Getting a good lawyer who can efficiently help with your particular problem may not be easy, especially today that many unscrupulous fraud are around the corner who are waiting to take advantage. It is always best to investigate, gather substantial information and get referrals from friends when seeking an immigrant lawyer service. Thank God that I found Ida and trusted her to represent my case. After almost a year of working together, my daughters and I are finally here in the U.S.”

– DP, from Quezon City, now living and working in Chicago

janet and arnel caluza from la union philippines now living in san francisco californiaHumanitarian Reinstatement Request: Janet and Arnel Caluza and their three children waited 21 years in the Philippines for their visa interviews. His U.S. citizen father had sponsored them, and very sadly the father died just before their visas were finally available. When the petitioner dies, the petition is automatically revoked (ended). Attorney Keir represented them in filing a successful request for humanitarian reinstatement and they are now settling into their new lives in San Francisco, California, USA.

“Thru our experience we thought we can’t do it, we could never come to San Francisco anymore. Luckily my cousin told us to try Attorney Keir to file our humanitarian reinstatement. Because of her help we are here now in US staying with our sponsor in California. We were in the Philippines before and Attorney Keir was in the U.S.; we communicated by talking on the phone and through email.

She was realistic about our case and did what she said she would. If we had questions she respond promptly. Prospective clients can 100% trust her. She really help us a lot. It made a difference having an attorney; that made it fast and we succeeded.”

– Janet & Arnel Caluza, from La Union, Philippines, now living in San Francisco, California

In 2014 Britni and Curt married and then wanted to apply for a green card for Curt, who had entered the U.S. as a visitor to see Britni. They write:

britni cherrington-stoddart and curtis stoddart charlotte north carolina“Having Attorney Keir as our attorney made a huge difference in our case. When we first started the process, we had decided to try and complete it on our own. We quickly found out that it was a very time-consuming and complicated process, and it became clear that we were going to need assistance. Having Attorney Keir work with us lifted a huge weight off of both our shoulders, and provided us with peace of mind. She was able to tell us exactly what was needed, prepare the documents for us, and answer any questions that we had. This took much of the worry and stress out of the process…

While cost is going to be a factor as in most things in which a large sum of money is concerned, I feel that much more than that should go into choosing an attorney…we both knew that no matter the issue or concern we could always approach Attorney Keir, and she would help us work through it.

We did quite a bit of research before selecting Attorney Keir for our case, including meeting with other attorneys. She was very personable, knowledgeable, and we both felt very comfortable with her, so we chose to hire her. We communicated by Skype, phone, email, text messages, and in person. All methods were effective, and she was always available to us when we needed guidance or assistance. She was realistic about our case and gave us a very good idea of what to expect.

Our experience with Attorney Keir was wonderful!”

– Britni Cherrington-Stoddart & Curtis Stoddart, Charlotte, NC

In 2015 Gilbert and Imelda Asuncion and their four children, all Filipino citizens, hired Attorney Keir to apply for Humanitarian Reinstatement. Back in 1987, Gilbert’s sister, a U.S. citizen, sponsored (petitioned) him for a green card. Sadly his sister passed away many years before his priority date became current and the petition was automatically terminated. They asked the U.S. government to still grant them green cards even though their petitioner had died. It was a complicated and difficult application and takes much more than a simple letter to the government. We submitted a great deal of evidence in the Asuncions’ favor. After a year of ups and downs including an appeal the family was thrilled when all six family members received green cards!

the asuncionsThe Asuncions write:

“With this kind of complicated case it is better and worth it to hire a well- experienced Immigration Attorney. Attorney Keir handled our case as top priority no matter how difficult it was. She is an honest person and very supportive all through the way, you can ask whatever doubts you have and she is always open to whatever pros and cons of your case. She cannot promise miracles but she will do whatever it takes to win the case. She was always available whenever we needed clarification. We could contact her whichever side of the globe we were in.

We found Attorney Keir through Facebook. We searched a lot of lawyers and recommendations from friends and had their backgrounds checked and she stood out. We read her profile through her website and we felt she matched what we are looking for. Her legal fees are competitive and worth it because our doubts were clarified and we are very much satisfied with her answers to our queries. We will definitely spread the great news and the dramatic change in our lives here in America!”

david and jovita philippinesJovita got her immigrant visa two months after her husband David filed through the much-faster Direct Consular Filing process for U.S. citizens living abroad.

“From beginning to end, Attorney Keir was very patient, very understanding, and extremely knowledgeable about the process as a whole. Our case was more complicated than most but she was more than willing to help and give us all the information we needed when asked. She was very prompt and very personable. Her fee was without a doubt very reasonable for the amount of work she had to put into our case. Even with the huge time difference between the US and the Philippines,she was more than accommodating schedule wise. She does not make u feel uncomfortable in any way and she was very understanding of our financial situation and she worked with us.

To anyone that feels uneasy or trying to do this on their own, we would recommend her services a million times over, rather than trying to file on our own. We plan to avail her services once again when we decide to bring my wife’s 3 other children to the US as well. Don’t hesitate to contact her. Thank you so much Attorney Keir. We could not have done this without your help.”

– David & Jovita, Philippines

Ida helped my wife and I file an application for a change of status from an H1B visa to a green card (legal permanent resident). We mostly hired her for peace of mind in terms of knowing that we filed the application correctly and to save ourselves from obsessing about whether each detail was correct. Ida did exactly what we had hoped for. She was in regular and frequent contact with us, walked us through every detail along the way, and made sure we missed nothing. Everything went very smoothly and was absolutely stress free. Thank you very much, Ida!

– Paul & Lisa, Charlotte, NC

“We wish we’d hired Attorney Keir when we first applied for Marie’s green card. It would have saved us a lot of time and trouble. Ida was professional, knowledgeable, and great to work with.” – John & Marie, Charlotte

Their story: John, a U.S. citizen, and Marie met online in 2011. They shared their faith. Then they met in person in the Czech Republic, her country, quickly fell in love and married, and had their first child in 2012. The next year John filed a green card application on his own for Marie, but they didn’t hear back for months and months and knew something was wrong.

John contacted us in November 2014 to finish the green card process so they could all be together in the U.S. He still had no idea what was going on with the application. Attorney Keir quickly learned that USCIS (Immigration) had denied the application and they had to start all over. She filed a new application in February 2015 and Marie successfully got her green card in May 2015 – three months later.

“Ida has been working closely with us for a couple of months. During this period, she has provided excellent and professional service. For example, she responded to our emails very quickly and efficiently, as well as answered all of our questions and inquiries carefully. In addition, Ida has done a great job in all the paperwork. Overall, Ida is a trustful and responsible lawyer who turned our case into a success. We would be happy to highly recommend Ida Keir to any person who needs immigration help.

Some background: I (Matt) was sponsored by my employer for a green card and had been waiting for some time until my priority date was current. And I and my wife wanted to submit our final applications as quickly as possible because the dates could change negatively. In this case, we worked with Ida and went from the signing of the contract to receipt of our green cards in just over two months.”

– Matt & Jenny, North Carolina

“Attorney Ida Keir was able to help me a lot in my case. Working with an immigration lawyer makes a big difference. It’s better to get a lawyer like Attorney Keir, who has a big heart to help people like us. This way you can avoid mistakes and delays like we had.

In May 2013, my U.S. citizen husband filed his CR-1 petition with the help of an online agency After six months, we couldn’t reach them any more to ask for any updates. So we decided to continue on our own. Our case went to the National Visa Center (NVC) and we thought our documents were already complete but nothing happened.

I kept praying for miracles, till one day in 2015 I saw a post on Facebook for ‘Ida Keir Law/Pinoy’. A US immigration lawyer helping Filipinos? I went to see her profile and I learned that she used to work with NVC. I knew she’s the one who can help us. An answer to my prayers. I did not have a second thought to contact her and made an appointment in March 2015 when she visited Manila. After she reviewed the papers she said we sent some wrong documents and had to give them more information too. The next day my husband and I hired her. Her stay was very short in the Philippines but distance was not a problem to us. The technology makes things easier. We communicate thru emails and scan documents. She was a big help to us to secure the right documents.

My interview at the US embassy will be in July 2015, four months after we met. Don’t hesitate to get a lawyer!”

– Alma, Tarlac, Philippines

stephen martineau executive director of friends foreverJune 2015 – good news for our two non-profit clients, YPO Uganda and Friends Forever, when 13 youths and adults from the Ugandan group were granted visitor visas to participate in a 3-week leadership and peace-building training in New England. Getting these visas took 18 months and much hard work from many people in both countries:

“Friends Forever has been working with YPO since 2010 to create this opportunity. 18 months ago, we realized we were out of our depth in regards to the complex visa system in Uganda and I contacted a former Board Member of Friends Forever, Ida Keir. Since that time she has put countless hours into the preparation and applications for these amazing youth. I can state with 100% certitude that this trip would not be happening without the expertise and tenacity of our favorite immigration attorney, Ida. Many thanks from all of us at Friends Forever and YPO. .. Ida is a consummate professional who takes the time to understand your situation first and then offer her guidance based on her extensive experience. While sensitive to us as a client, she was also tenacious in dealing with the bureaucracy of foreign and local government agencies for the case.”

– Stephen Martineau, Executive Director, Friends Forever

Linda (not her name), in her 50’s, had been in the U.S. for 25 years on a green card and went to renew it. Instead of a simple renewal which she’d always gotten before, she ended up being jailed for months while the government tried to deport her for criminal convictions more than 10 years earlier. We co-represented Linda at a hearing before a judge who cancelled the deportation. In her case, she would have saved herself months in jail if she’d applied for citizenship long ago, with explanations for her criminal history and proof that she’s a different person now. She planned to apply for citizenship as soon as she could. Afterwards she said, “I’m not the person I used to be and the judge saw that. You’re awesome, thank you!”

juna from marylandJuna (left), an immigrant in Maryland, gave birth prematurely to twin girls with life-threatening complications. Her husband was denied a visitor visa to be with his family for the birth. We successfully helped them apply for “humanitarian parole,” which allowed him to join his family in the U.S. for six months. He looked after the children while Juna worked part-time, and the babies are now doing well. He has now gotten his green card and is living with his family in the U.S.

“You made it possible for my husband to come and be reunited with us. My husband and I are so grateful for your outstanding service. Thank you for the persistent efforts, personal concern, diligence, hardwork and professionalism. It gave us confidence while so much of our life was uncertain. We will definitely recommend you and your law office for those seeking immigration matters. We will again seek your help in the future.” – Juna, Maryland

“Ida was extremely helpful with my application for permanent resident and adjustment of status. She made it very easy to understand what information was required and how to provide it. Ida helped my wife and I to produce a full and convincing set of proof for the legitimacy of our marriage. She answered all of our questions and concerns promptly and in detail, making the entire process as comfortable as possible. The application went smoothly and ended in success, and I credit this fact to Ida’s excellent work. I would gladly recommend Ida’s services to anyone considering utilizing the assistance of an immigration lawyer.” – JS and MM, California

“I just want to thank you for the way you handled my case. I remember telling you that I wanted my husband to be here for the birth of our son which was going to be in 3 months from when we first spoke. You told me you could not guarantee that but you would do your best to get the paperwork in as fast as possible. You worked with a speed and accuracy that was unbelievable. I would recommend you to anyone who is going through the visa process.”

– JM, Florida (successfully sponsored her Jamaican husband for a green card)

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