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Green Card & Immigration Updates – Current and Past Email Newsletters

Find current and past Ida Keir Law email newsletters – information in plain English to help you understand immigration law and how it affects you.  We don’t share our list or send you anything else unless you ask.


July 2014 Newsletter
What’s Going On At the Southern Border; Supreme Court Rules Against Long-Waiting Families; Renew Your DACA Status Now

February 2014 Newsletter
Immigration Quiz – What Do You Know; Can You Have Dual Citizenship; Options for Foreign Professors and Researchers

October 2013 Newsletter
Five Easy Ways to Lose Your Green Card, Getting a Tourist Visa, Green Card Lottery

June 2013 Newsletter
Immigration Reform; Electronic I-94; Siblings & Adult Children; Same-Sex Marriage; Deported for Possession of 2 Joints?

April 2013 Newsletter
Boston Bombings; Immigration Reform; Love With a Foreigner

March 2013 Newsletter
Citizenship Test; The Immigration Line; New Sliding Fee Scale

January 2013 Newsletter:
Immigration Reform; Stateside Waivers; Behind the Beautiful Forevers

August: 2012 Newsletter
What IS A Green Card; DREAMers/Deferred Action; Remember Haiti?

June 2012 Newsletter
DREAMers; Arizona; Student Visas & H-1Bs; A Happy Story – Family Reunites

April 2012: Newsletter
Waiver Scams; Manila; Visa Fees; Amnesty & Forgiveness