USCIS (Immigration) explained some details of the FWVP program on June 1. They will post updated applications – I-131 forms – online on June 8, when USCIS will post more information and start accepting applications. Read our previous post for the program basics. Some important new points include:

  1. If you are granted parole, you WILL be able to apply for a work permit called an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) when you get to the U.S. There is an additional fee of $380 for each person who applies for an EAD.
  2. Each person in a family must file a separate I-131 application and packet for parole, and they must be submitted together. Each person’s application costs $360. You can apply for a fee waiver on Form I-912; for example, if the Veteran is on Medicaid, fees might be waived.
  3. Children of the beneficiary are eligible to apply IF they are under 21 and unmarried at the time USCIS receives the parole application. A child’s marriage ends eligibility; a beneficiary’s marriage doesn’t.
  4. They want people to watch out for scams!

Remember you may also have to apply for humanitarian reinstatement of the petition if the petitioner died before you got your visa. Look at this page for more information on reinstatement.

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