THE NEW MEMOS AND POLICIES ARE NOW OFFICIAL: Except for DACA recipients, everyone in the US without authorization is now subject to immediate arrest, detention and deportation although some legal protections are still in effect. You can read FAQs on the two memos on border enforcement and interior enforcement at the official website of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Local and state police who have agreements with ICE can act for the federal government in enforcing these actions. BUT many states and communities DO NOT have such agreements. The state of Oregon does NOT cooperate with ICE in this way. I will summarize the memos soon.

What should you do if you’re not a green card holder or U.S. citizen, or even if you are?

    1. Know Your Rights! You don’t have to open the door for ICE unless they have a signed warrant. Remain silent. Don’t sign any documents without legal advice.
    2. Carry proof of your citizenship, green card status or other legal status and a work permit (EAD) if you have those. Carry proof you’ve been in the country for the last two years if possible. DO NOT carry proof of your immigration status unless it’s currently legal. Do not carry false documents or ID.
    3. Prepare for the worst for your family, especially your children. Make a plan and talk to them. Get documents in order. This is really happening and it’s better that you tell them what’s going on and plans you’re making.
    4. Apply for U.S. citizenship if you’re eligible. There are millions of green card holders who are eligible.
    5. Consult an immigration attorney or non-profit agency now to see if you have any legal options. DO NOT go to notarios or give money to people who promise they can fix your status; they can make things worse. No one should be making promises to you.
    6. Find out what immigration and other groups are doing in your area and how to find out information on ICE raids. DON’T believe rumors on social media which are often false.
    7. Here are excellent guides to help you:

      Spanish: If you’re in Oregon or anywhere in the U.S. Also preparing a plan (Spanish).
      English: If you’re in Oregon or anywhere in the U.S. Also preparing a plan (English).