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Attorney Keir is located in the US. She advises clients in any country or state in the world by phone, Skype, and email. In-person appointments are available in Oregon, US. Read what our clients say.

See FAQs below for fee information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I arrange an initial consultation?

There’s lots of free information on this website – look around! This can save you time and money.

To get advice on your own situation, fill out the form on this page and read below.

Attorney Keir is in the US and really does have clients around the world.

In a consultation Attorney Keir will explain how immigration laws apply to you. There’s a $100 fee for consultations by Skype video, email, phone or in person in Oregon. Fees are payable by credit or debit card or Western Union. We will ask for details on your situation before we consult. If you then hire us for your case, we will clearly explain case legal fees in advance. If you retain Attorney Keir within 7 days of the consultation, the fee you already paid will be credited to your account.

Why isn't the initial consultation free?

Attorney Keir makes her living by giving legal advice. Like other people she can’t afford to work for free. Often you can answer your own questions by looking at the free information on this website.

Attorney Keir can’t just guess at answers because there are so many complications in immigration law. She has specialized knowledge and spends time and money to keep up with the constant changes. We hope you’ll agree there’s value in speaking to an attorney that focuses only on immigration law. To read what clients say about our professional help, go to our testimonials page.

Why hire an immigration lawyer? Can’t I just fill in the forms myself?

Immigration law involves more than just filling in forms. Good advice is especially important these days as the Trump administration is not friendly to immigrants and mistakes can cause permanent problems. Hiring a lawyer can save you time and headaches. Sometimes people don’t realize they can file an application years before they thought. We recently advised a woman whose husband could have gotten citizenship two years earlier but “a friend” told him he couldn’t apply yet. Unfortunately, he was then convicted of a crime and was deported. Too bad he listened to his friend. Often there’s nothing that can be done after the mistake is made.

Attorney Keir can advise whether you should postpone your visa application until you meet all requirements so you don’t waste your money on filing fees or risk deportation or other negative consequences.  She’ll also advise and help you prepare documents, forms, statements and other documents, and prepare you for an interview.

Finally, your application will probably proceed faster because Attorney Keir is familiar with the process and forms. She used to work at the government’s National Visa Center (NVC) in a non-legal position. The NVC prepares visa applications for interviews at the foreign embassy. It’s sad to see applications that drag on for months – and sometimes years – because applicants don’t know what they’re doing and keep making unnecessary mistakes with forms and documents.

Read what our clients say about hiring an attorney for their cases.

How do I know you’re genuine?

Unfortunately, there are dishonest people – online and off – who charge a lot of money and say they’ll help you but don’t. You can check Attorney Keir’s credentials:

  • She’s a licensed U.S. lawyer. Because immigration law is federal, she can represent clients anywhere in the world. Her law license is from Massachusetts and she’s regulated by the Board of Bar Overseers in Massachusetts. Her Massachusetts license number is 681457. You can check the status of her license at this link.
  • Attorney Keir is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, or AILA. Membership is only available to lawyers, and others in similar positions, but not to the general public. AILA provides a wealth of information and continuing education to keep attorneys current on immigration law.

ida keir us immigrationIda Keir, US Immigration Attorney

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