The April 2017 Visa Bulletin is out. Click here to view it. Family categories for the Philippines moved forward a little; F3 (adult married children) moved forward one week to Sept. 15 1994. It’s the slowest moving category because of high demand and hasn’t been moving at all recently. The EB-3 nurse and other workers category continued to move quickly forward 6 months to September 15 2012. It’s expected to keep moving forward rapidly over the next several months.

!If your priority date is before the dates in the chart for your category and country, visas are available.  Read this post to learn how to keep track of your dates each month.

All Chargeability
Areas Except
Those Listed
F1 15OCT10 15OCT10 15OCT10 22MAY95 15JAN06
F2A 08JUN15 08JUN15 08JUN15 22MAY15 08JUN15
F2B 15SEP10 15SEP10 15SEP10 22DEC95 15JUN06
F3 15MAY05 15MAY05 15MAY05 08JAN95 15SEP94
F4 08MAY04 08MAY04 15AUG03 15JUN97 08SEP93