About Attorney Ida Keir: US Immigration Lawyer

Attorney Ida Keir has been a lawyer for over 30 years and her mission is to help immigrants achieve their dreams. She knows what it’s like to move to a new country because she’s lived abroad herself and she is also the child of immigrants from the Netherlands. She grew up in the United States, and lived in London, England, for 8 years, where she became a lawyer (Solicitor).  She was Ida Keir Immigration Lawyer Charlotte NCgranted an LLM (Masters of Law) from Suffolk University Law School in Boston.

Because immigration is federal, Attorney Keir represents foreign nationals in any state or country around the world. She is also proud to assist clients pro bono through nonprofit organizations including: Friends Foreverthe New Americans Campaign, the Latin American Coalition, the PAIR Project and the Volunteer Lawyers Project.  She especially enjoys volunteering at citizenship/naturalization clinics, and seeing the excitement that immigrants have about applying for citizenship.

Attorney Keir previously worked at the government’s National Visa Center (NVC) in a non-legal position. The NVC prepares visa applications for interviews at foreign embassies. She saw applications drag on for months and sometimes even years because applicants made mistakes on their forms, didn’t submit the right documents, or made other errors such as not updating addresses. Attorney Keir advises clients on their immigration options, whether applying is even a good idea, and represents them in moving through the confusing immigration system as quickly as possible.


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Attorney Ida Keir is admitted to practice law by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, BBO #681457. Check the status of her license.
Also admitted to practice law in England and Wales (inactive), and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority ID183350. You can check the status by emailing  .